Sunday, June 27, 2010

Two Up and One to Go

We are now in week 4 of OHTC and we are down to rehearsing our last show Girl in the Freudian Slip.  Is It Hot! and Vaudeville Show went up this last weekend.  And boy was it stressful.  Our first full run of Vaudeville Show happened the morning of our first performance.  To say we were all stressed would be an understatement.  Tempers flared, feelings were hurt, pants were shat, and somehow at the end we pulled it together put up some great shows and like a good family forgave each other and moved forward.  If you want to see pictures of me in the shows go to the Opera House Theatre Company's Facebook page.  Unfortunately the webmaster for their official site quit and moved east.  So guess you got to be part of that evil community of facebook.

Things are finally calming down here.  The theatre is warming up because we're finally have consecutive days of warmth which for me means plenty of outdoor running.  Which is amazing.  Rehearsals will ease up a bit this week with us only focusing on one show.  We jokingly say we have 9 days of rehearsal left (we only have 3) but we have 9 days worth of rehearsals which is plenty of time to put up a show.  A bit stressful but ironically we've been through worse.

So I got my butt grabbed by an old lady today during one of our performances.  I dress as an Irishman and I "woo" the women a.k.a. old women of the crowd.  You know how in The Producers the old women are pegged as horny old women?  Well, funny thing about that, it's really true.  They're the ones that really love us flirting with the audience.  So I was flirting with one of the old ladies and I improvised a line and said "Irishmen have hot buns" and she decided to squeeze one of my hot buns.  I think she approved from the huge smile she had on her wrinkly face.  I think I might of made a return customer out of that woman.  In other news I'll be starting up an Irish-themed stripping business in Philipsburg on my off-days.

We sort of have internet at our house due to a really friendly neighbor.  The funny part is he won't allow computers that aren't macs on his network because he doesn't want viruses.  He runs an internet business out of his house and swears by them.  So all of us in the house get internet except two people who have PCs.  Poor guys but right now the extra money I forked out for a mac seems well spent.  Ha

I'm really looking forward to Thursday because that's when our rehearsals finally end and we finally get time off.  I've been working every day since June 6th.  I'm ready to end the cycle of continuous work and enjoy the performance aspect.  For all of those out there who think us actors do nothing but screw around and play, try working my schedule sometime and then you'll realize it's not as simple as that.

But on the whole things are good.  The shows are going to be successful and it's going to be an epic summer.  It really feels like this was the decision God wanted me to make when I got offered the job up here.  Things are falling into line and I'm having the time of my life.  I wish I would have started auditioning for professional jobs sooner.

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